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world wide shipping

Provides rules and tips when ordering from dronezbaseRc.com

Dronezbase offers the Hong Kong postal service (ecship) and SF Express (sf) shipping options.

From 13/07/2018, there will be free shipping in Hong Kong (excluding residential areas).

Shipping rules

No Freight Transit Address: We do not allow the goods to be shipped to the shipping address. We ship international goods to almost all countries in the world.

No hotel address: We do not allow shipments to the hotel. Please provide a permanent street address.

PO Boxes: PO Boxes shipments are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be rejected.

Refunds: All orders rejected by us due to any of these rules will be void by your payment method and the order will be canceled.

Pick up service

We provide customers dronezbaserc.com online payment, you can dronezbase office pick up, simply select "pick up" when payment, after payment and print online invoice

Shipping in Hong Kong

We've updated our shipping system so you can get orders easily when you need an order. We have the economy takes three to ten days (usually 3-5), courier takes two to three days, and according to your order delivery within 1-2 days the next day.

Deliver to countries other than Hong Kong (e-Express, speedpost)

E-express service Country:

( USA,  Canada,  Brazil,  United Kingdom,  France,  Germany,  Netherlands,  Switzerland,  Spain,  Russia,  Norway,  Sweden,  Denmark,  Israel,  Japan,  South Korea,  Macao,  Vietnam,  Cambodia,  Thailand,  Malaysia,  Singapore, Philippines,  Indonesia,  Australia and New West) 
Recipients are dispatched between seven and fourteen working days (subject to flight, customs clearance and aviation safety inspection). Mail arrived at the destination will be given priority to speed up the processing procedures. Sundays and public holidays are not counted in the calculation of the posting date and arrival date of all types of mail and the performance of services under the Pledge.

Speedpost: serving 210 countries worldwide

* Covering more than 210 destinations worldwide, the fastest dispatch service can be delivered to major cities in the world 1-2 business days after posting.
* 2-4 working days to reach recipients (subject to flight, customs clearance and aviation safety inspection, etc.)

In general, almost 100% of the packages we send arrive in the destination country, even if the package is severely delayed. We have seen the parcel in a "disappear", only appearing in the customer's destination after a few weeks.

Where is my goods?

If you want to know the status of the order (eg "My order has been shipped?"), Log in to your dronezbaserc.com account and check your order history. Each order will show whether it has been shipped, and provide a tracking link, if available, given your choice of shipping method. If your order status appears to be shipped but you do not see a track, your order is packaged and will ship soon.

If your status is being processed, this means we have received your order and will ship as soon as possible.

How long will my order ship?

You should schedule at least 1 business day from the date of order delivery. Although we try our best to have all orders shipped prior to (16:30 HK) shipments that same day, we can not always guarantee such a short processing time.

The company is located in:

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions and provide important details about shipping.